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Challenge D1: We don't know which customers to use as references and in marketing activities

These resources can help you drive expansion through your current customer base. Your team can review data in Gainsight on NPS, usage, and other metrics, to identify the right customer contacts to use as references, or for an advocacy opportunity.


Prep Work & Vault Assets

Below is the prep-work for this tutorial, which includes best practice material and optional resources to download from Vault.

  • Setup a SFDC Survey Domain: before you can publish a survey in Gainsight's Survey module, you will need to create a survey domain (you may have completed this during Challenge B6).
  • Create an NPS Promoter Playbook: download the Vault Playbook asset called Sentiment Opportunity: High NPS Rating. This is the set of tasks your CSMs will complete when you receive a positive NPS score. (In Challenge B6, we’ll do the same for detractor scores.)
  • Scorecard Sentiment Measure: To support Scorecards, you will need to have a Scorecard Measure for “Sentiment.”
    • To create the measure, navigate to Administration > Health Scoring > Account Scorecards
    • In the template, create the name, select “Automated” for Type, and configure any help text after the scorecard has been created.
  • OPTIONAL:  Build a Powerlist of Participants via CoPilot
    • You may optionally build your participant list for the survey via a CoPilot Power List. This step is not covered in this exercise. See Send Surveys to Dynamic Contact List for more information.

Configuration Resources

In this section, we’ll guide you through implementing the business challenge process. It’s important to keep in mind that every customer instance is unique, while following these examples you may need to make customizations to suit your business processes.

The Gainsight features we will use for this exercise include: NPS Survey, Scorecard and Dashboards.

Using Gainsight’s survey tool, we’ll be building an NPS survey to capture customer feedback based on the question, ‘How likely are you to recommend us …’. For those customers who answer the NPS question with a 9 or 10, we’ll automatically trigger a CTA to capitalize on the positive response, and try to convert these promoters into customer advocates. Once we’ve identified the promoters, we’ll configure a scorecard measure for Sentiment and update the score based on their feedback. The overall benefit of the process is to ensure your CSM team knows exactly what actions they need to take in order to attend to customer feedback, act on it, and improve future NPS survey results.


Step 1 - Create NPS Survey & Set CTA for Promoters

See Automate NPS Survey CTAs for instructions.

Step 2 - Configure Scorecard Rules for Sentiment Risk

Now that we’ve built a survey to collect NPS feedback and a CTA to notify CSMs to follow up, it’s time to build a rule that will keep our Sentiment Scorecard updated. This will help your CSM and sales teams to both be able to easily gauge customer sentiment via the Customer360 view, rather than one or both departments being left in the dark on a customer’s overall sentiment risk.

See Configure Scorecard Rules for Sentiment Risk for instructions.

Step 3 - Track Advocates in Reports

Utilize Gainsight’s Report Builder to track advocates and related activities by downloading these Vault Report assets:

Optional: add these reports to a dashboard. (see Configure Gainsight Home Dashboards)

Next Steps

Take your advocacy processes to the next level by utilizing these vault assets:

Follow Gainsight’s other best practices, by implementing another V3D business challenge. Here are a few we suggest to get started:

  • Need a better way to manage your customer lifecycle to ensure you are engaging with customers at the right time? Review V3D challenge A7
  • What happens when a customer is at risk? Use Gainsight’s Risk Framework to build internal processes for managing customer risk. Review V3D challenge B1

Additional Best Practice Resources

The following resources may be most useful for your VP of CS and CSM team:

Additional Configuration Resources

If you need additional information about how to build surveys, analyze results, or create rules for surveys, see the resources below:

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