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Challenge A1: We have accounts we can't touch with manual outreach but need proactive attention

Many of our customers ask for guidance on Lifecycle Management: 1-to-many Communication. This is for accounts that can't always be touched with manual outreach, but that still need pro-active attention. It's a fantastic way to save CSMs time and strengthen customer relationships. Below you'll find information on Gainsight's own 1:Many communication strategy, best practices, and resources for setting up a similar program for your own organization.

Prep Work and Vault Assets

Here is the prep-work and best practice materials that you will need for this exercise:

Gainsight Vault offers pre-built best practice assets to assist in your Gainsight implementation. Below are the suggested assets to download for this exercise.

Configuration Resources

In this section, we’ll guide you through implementing the business challenge process. It’s important to keep in mind that every customer instance is unique; while following these examples you may need to make customizations to suit your business processes (we’ll try to call out these considerations throughout the exercises).

The Gainsight feature we will use for this exercise is CoPilot. The benefits of building an email campaign through CoPilot include:

  • Creating targeted, personalized, trigger-driven emails from the CSM team, without the dependency on marketing
  • Creating and leveraging pre-built email templates through Gainsight’s Vault
  • Automatically following up with your customers to foster adoption and retention

Below are two tutorials to use as inspiration while you build your Customer Lifecycle in Gainsight:

Next Steps

Now that we’ve built two (or more!) outreaches to assist in managing your customers, it’s time to think about additional use cases for utilizing CoPilot. What are 3 other outreaches you could build to proactively engage with your customers?

Here are a few ideas from Vault:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Be sure to check out Gainsight Vault for the latest and greatest in Customer Success Best Practice Communication.

Follow Gainsight’s other best practices, by implementing another V3D business challenge. Here are a few we suggest to get started:

  • Need a better way to manage your customer lifecycle to ensure you are engaging with customers at the right time? Review V3D challenge A7
  • What happens when a customer is at risk? Use Gainsight’s Risk Framework to build internal processes for managing customer risk. Review V3D challenge B1
  • Do you need to create more visibility to your management team on activities your CSMs are doing around the customer lifecycle? Review V3D challenge C4

Additional Best Practices Resources

The following resources may be most useful for your VP of CS and CSM team:

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