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Gainsight Inc.

Overview of Gainsight Functionality

If you have never seen a demo or walk-through of the Gainsight application, or its been awhile, we recommend you watch this 11-minute video overview on "What is Gainsight?"

Admin Training

If you are a new Gainsight Admin or if you are interested in learning more about a particular feature (for example, Surveys, Journey Orchestrator, Rules), then we recommend you start with our self-paced Admin online training. It is free, and updated regularly!

Product Area Overviews

The following articles provide brief descriptions of the high-level product areas in Gainsight. Within each article, you'll also find links to more detailed articles, explaining how to configure the relevant components in Gainsight.

Gainsight Vocabulary

We developed this glossary of key terms to help Admins develop a stronger understanding of Gainsight, as well as relevant business and Salesforce terminology.

Training Videos

We also offer short videos (5 - 10 mins.) that explain the purpose and value of various Gainsight features, and high level information about how to use and/or configure them, in our training video library. In the library, you'll also find videos that explore how specific roles (CSM, Dir. of CS) in your organization can get the most out of Gainsight.

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