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Gainsight Inc.

Administrator Resources

You will find lots of detailed instructions and tutorials on Gainsight Go that were written specifically for you. In each product documentation category (for example, CTAs, Tasks, & Playbooks), you will find a sub-category called Admin Configuration. These articles explain how to configure various features and components of Gainsight. We also have a sub-category called Examples & Tutorials, where we explain step-by-step how to set up a specific report or rule, for example. In addition, we set up an Administration category that's just for Admins and contains all of our content on SFDC administration, LRM, permissions, and so on.

Community Site and Support Team

In addition to the content on Gainsight Go, you can also visit the Gainsight Community, to ask questions, share best practices, interact with peers and product experts, and make feature suggestions.

If you can't find the information you're looking for on Gainsight Go or the Community, you can reach out to Gainsight's support team at For documentation matters, you can also email

Maintenance and Incident Notification

To be notified of Gainsight maintenance and incidents, please follow the Maintenance and Incident Notification category on our Community site. In addition, you can bookmark to view performance metrics, planned maintenance dates, and incident reports.

Webinars and Admin Office Hours

Gainsight offers a variety of educational product and customer success webinars. Click here to view the current list of webinar offerings and to register for individual sessions. (Access recordings of past webinars here.)

Admin Office Hours are hosted once a week, and you can register and submit questions/topics to be addressed in advance.

We encourage all new Admins to take our new Admin 101 e-learning course. It includes about 18 short modules, including video, practice exercises, and quiz questions. For access, email

Business Processes Library

For guidance on how to configure Gainsight according to our Risk Management Framework, be sure to check out our Business Processes library.

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