This article guides Admins through the steps to enable and configure Gainsight Mobile for your CSM team. All Gainsight users with full licenses can access the Salesforce1 mobile app from Android and iPhones.

1. Under your profile, click Setup.

2. Search for "salesforce1," and then click "Salesforce1 Navigation".

3. Select Gainsight Mobile from the Available Navigation Menu Items on the left.  Click the Add button to move it to the Selected category. You can change the selected display order as well.  

4. Click Save to finalize changes. This adds the Gainsight app to the Salesforce1 Mobile app for your org.

Note:  If a user already has the Salesforce1 mobile app, they may need to log out and log back into the app to see the update.

Enabling Gainsight Mobile from C360 Layouts

To enable sections to display in the Mobile C360:

1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > C360 Layouts, and click edit on the relevant Layout.

2. Click the edit icon (pencil) on the relevant section(s). If available, select the Mobile checkbox. You can enable different sections, such as Summary, Scorecard, Surveys, and so on for Gainsight Mobile.

Note: The Open Support Cases section is now available, by default, in Gainsight Mobile.

Configure Attributes Section

Configure Attributes Section

Click the configuration gear on the Attributes section to make changes for mobile. Click the edit icon (pencil) and then select "Show in Mobile" for account attributes. Note, users will not be able to edit attributes using Gainsight Mobile.

Note: A maximum of 50 fields may be added to the Attributes section.