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Display True NPS within the 360 Survey section

By default, the NPS score in the 360 Survey section displays the calculated average score of all responses to that survey. The goal of this tutorial is to change this configuration, and display the ‘True’ NPS score, that has not been averaged, for each survey displayed in the 360 survey section.

1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts

2. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) for the Layout you want to configure.

3. If you haven't already included the Survey section in your layout, search for Survey in the layout, then drag the Survey section to the panel on the right.

4. In the Survey section, click the setting option (gear icon).


5. Change the current setting from Average NPS Score to NPS Score.


6. Click SAVE.

7. Navigate back to the 360 page where this layout is applied. You will see the True NPS displayed for each individual survey in the survey section.


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