The Gainsight Sales View can be added as a new section on the account or opportunity pages so that individuals who live on the Account or Opportunity pages in Salesforce can access customer information from Gainsight without ever leaving the account or opportunity.  

(The Gainsight Sales View was formerly known as Account or Opportunity Widgets. On the Admin side of Gainsight, the option to enable various C360 sections in the Sales View is still referred to as "Account Widget" and "Opportunity Widget.").

Note: To view the information in Account and Opportunity pages, the users must have a Gainsight license. 

Sales View Configuration

To add the Gainsight Sales View to Account or Opportunity pages, follow the directions in Setup Gainsight Sales View (aka, Widgets) to get started.

Detail View

Once the Gainsight Sales View is added to the Account page (or the Opportunity page), it appears as shown in the following image. Only C360 Sections that your Admin chooses to include in the Account Widget are visible. The only section that will not appear is the standard Attributes section. If multiple related lists (reports sections) are added to the Account Widget, they will be grouped and shown under one menu item.


To learn more about configuring these sections, refer to the Configure the Customer360 Details Page & Section Types article.


To navigate from one section to another, use the available tab(s) as shown in the following image.


If the Cockpit section is enabled, you can view Open and Closed CTAs, and update CTA or task status. Users can also create new CTAs, assign ownership, apply playbooks, set milestones, etc.


If the Scorecard section is enabled, you can view the health scores. Use the icons in the upper right to access various health score views, including a historical view.


Activity Timeline

You can access the Activity Timeline from Account and Opportunity widgets. You can log activities and notes, create follow-up tasks, and access drafts in the Account and Opportunity widgets. Navigate to Administration > Activities and Timeline and  select the Account Widget and Opportunity Widget check boxes to enable Activity Timeline in them.

Enable or disable widgets.png

Use Timeline to view or log activities, such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, Emails, and also custom activities. These activity types help you to take quick notes during or after a customer interaction and preserve a chronological history of your most significant interactions for others to view from the C360/R360 or the GS widgets. Users can enter follow-up tasks directly in an activity which will automatically create an associated CTA in Cockpit. For more information, refer to Use Timeline to Log Activities.