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Report Repository / Report List View

This article focuses on how to navigate the Report Builder Repository.

Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder:

  1. Sorting options: Sort reports by Source Object, Report Name, Created By, Last Modified By, and Used In conditions. (The default report list view is arranged by Report Name which displays reports arranged in an alphabetical order.)
    Note: ‘Used In’ filter displays all the reports which are displayed in a Dashboard, C360, or Neither data points.
  2. Report sorting by function: sort the reports based on the Created Date, Last Modified Date, and Report Name; and access source folder of the specific report on the same page. Once selected, the list will be displayed and you can use the icon to see the list of folder names in ascending or descending order.
  3. All (total number of reports available): Displays the total number of reports available under different folders in the Report Builder page.
  4. FOLDERS: add/view report folders, group the reports by Object or folder, and categorize reports in folders in the Report List page under Administration > Report Builder. For more information about folders, refer to Release Notes Version 5.5 February 2017.
  5. Favorites: Displays the total number of reports that you marked as favorites at the user level. Use the star symbol available beside each check box of the reports.
  6. Expand/Collapse: Use the icon to expand any report and  icon to collapse the information displayed for the report. For more information about the items displayed when you expand the report, refer to Release Notes Version 5.5 February 2017.
  7. +REPORT: Click this to create a add/create a new report.
  8. MOVE TO: Select the check box for one or more reports, and click MOVE TO to select the destination folder from the drop-down list.
  9. Check box: Select the check box for one or more reports to move/ delete.
  10. Destination folder: Click on the folder name, it shows the hierarchy under the folder structure on the left pane. You can see the name of the respective folder where the reports are located along with the report names.
  11. Download Report Assets from Vault: click the Vault icon to access report templates that you can import into your org.
  12. Color Palette and Custom Colors: click the three dots to access organization-wide settings.
  13. View report: Click on the report name to open a report. When you click on a report, you can choose to either run the report using the RUN button, or modify the report configuration before running it.


  • Users who have a Gainsight license will appear under Created By and Last Modified By criteria.
  • For MDA reports, Created By and Last Modified By criterias are unavailable. These filters will be available in a future release.
  • MDA reports are available in the Repository and are arranged by the last modified date filter, which is the default unmodifiable filter, available for all reports.

Create or Edit Reports

Click + Report to build a new report. See How to Build Basic Reports for instructions.

To edit an existing report, hover on a report name in the list view to reveal the edit icon.

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