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Tutorial: Create a Report of Customers Without Open CTAs

This tutorial explains how to create a report to determine which customers do not have any open CTAs. First, you’ll create a custom numeric field named “Count of CTAs” on the CustomerInfo object. Then, you will create a rule to determine the count of open CTAs, and map it with the custom field. And finally, you will create a report on the CustomerInfo object with a specific filter to determine the customers without CTAs.

Create a Custom Numeric Field

  1. Navigate to the Custom Info Object page in Salesforce.

  2. Click New to create a new field.

3. Select the data type as Number and click Next.

4. Enter the field label as Count of CTA and field name as Count_of_CTA. Click Next.

  1. Select the required security settings and click Next.

  2. Click Save.

Create a Rule to Determine the Count of Open CTAs

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine.

  2. Click + RULE.

  3. Select the rule type as Bionic.

  4. Select Account in Rule Type and enter the required rule name as “Count of open CTAs”.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Click DATASET TASK. Enter the required task name and output dataset name.

  3. Select the source object as Call to Action.

  4. Select the Account, Account Name, and Count of Call to Action Name fields in the Show section.

  5. Apply the ‘Status = New’ filter, or as per your requirement.

  1. Click SAVE.

  2. Navigate to Setup Action.

  3. Click +ACTION. Select the Action Type as Load to Customers.

  4. Map the newly created custom field with the COUNT of Call To Action Name and run the rule.

Create the Report

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.

  2. Click +REPORT.

  3. Select the data source as Customer Info.

  4. Enter the name of the report.

  5. In the Show me section, select the Account Name and Count of CTA fields.

  6. Apply a filter as specified in the screenshot below, and run the report.