Below are questions about Reporting functionality that we often hear from customers and their answers. If you have a question that's not answered here or through related support articles, please email

For a stacked bar chart, can I change the order of bars?

Yes, with caveats. The stacked bar report defaults to ordering variables in alphabetical order (top to bottom). In order to reposition, consider renaming the variables in the order you would like them stacked (e.g., 01 - var 1, 02 - var 2) At this time, we don't have the ability to populate stacked bars from biggest to smallest or in any other way.

Can colors be changed for series?

Yes, you can specify color schemes for each variable under Admin > Usage Config and Admin > "retention". For side by side bar reports, where there are multiple bars in each time threshold, re-order the "show me" variables in the report builder to change in which order the bars appear in the chart.

Can I "personalize" a report for the viewer?

Yes. Select Filter > CSM = "current user"

Why can't I add fields to the Email Logs object?

The Email Logs object is read-only to customers because Gainsight uses the object to write data to (from Journey Orchestrator outreaches for example).

Contact if you need to add fields to these hidden objects, and they will connect you with a resource who can assist.

Can I re-size column widths in tabular reports?

Yes. In the report builder, you can modify the column widths for tabular reports. However, if the report only contains a handful of columns, then the columns will expand to fill the dashboard containers on the Gainsight Home tab. If a report contains approximately 8 or more columns, and you adjust the column widths in the report builder, then the adjustments will be honored in dashboards containing that report.

What data types I cannot add to the By fields?

You cannot add the following fields:

  • Long Text Area
  • Rich Text Area (MDA)
  • Multipicklist
  • Measures (Number, Currency, and Percentage, etc.)
  • Address 
  • URL

Will the fields with URL data type hold a hyperlink?

Yes. When you build reports using the fields with URL data type, you can see all the URLs are holding a clickable hyperlink.