The scorecard mass edit view allows a CSM to edit one or more scores manually from the Gainsight Home dashboards. This article explains how an Admin can create the mass edit view for Scorecards 2.0 (Accounts and Relationships), and a related article explains how CSMs can make edits to scores in the new view.

Create a Scorecard Mass-edit View

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder; then click +REPORT.
  2. From the Select data source drop-down box, navigate to MDA Data section and select a scorecard fact object.
  3. From Custom Reports drop-down list, select Scorecard Mass Edit.
  1. Click + icon next to Show me to include the appropriate fields for your scorecard mass edit view. You may also include any filters, if required.


  • The relationship name link, if any, would automatically link to R360.
  • The Account name link, if any, would automatically link to C360.

Also, you can edit a manual score when the report is rendered, as shown in the below image.

  1. Enter an appropriate report name and save the report.
  2. Add the saved report to a dashboard.


  • When Custom Reports > Scorecard Mass Edit option is selected, the scorecard fact object in the Show me field reveals measures associated with it, along with Account ID and Relationship ID.
  • Otherwise, in the Show me field you would see all fields associated with the scorecard fact object.
  • While generating a report, you must select at least one attribute from the Account or Relationship field.
  • You cannot add a By field if the Scorecard Mass Edit option is selected.

View Score Comments

Admins and end users can view the comments associated with measures in both the report builder and dashboards, by clicking the settings gear > Chart Options > Show Comments ON.


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