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Configure Habits Report using Scorecards 2.0

A Habits Report allows you to review how your customer’s health scores are trending. This report displays the trends with reference to your configured grading scheme. To create this report, select either Account Scorecard History or Relationship Scorecard History as your source object, depending on whether you use Relationships in your org.

Important: While creating this report, add a filter named “Scorecard Name” and select a scorecard.

Configuing Habits report.png

To create a Habits Report:

  1. Select Account Scorecard History or Relationship Scorecard History as the source object.

  2. Add Company ID to the Show me section.

  3. Add the following fields in the By area:

    1. Snapshot Date

    2. Overall Score

  4. Add the following filters:

    1. Scorecard Name = Select a scorecard from your org.

    2. Snapshot Date = Current Quarter

    3. Score does not equal Null.

    4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Run.

Habits report.png