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Surveys 2.0 Analytics

Use the Analyze tab of Surveys 2.0 to view and analyze recipient responses for a published survey. You can also view analytics for Surveys 2.0 NPS responses using the NPS 2.0(Beta) tab. For more information on this tab, refer to NPS 2.0 Overview.

On the Analyze page, there are two sub-tabs, Response Statistics and Response Report.

Response Statistics

Response Statistics displays information on overall participant responses. This includes a participant chart and a line graph with the number of participant responses over time. 



1. Participants Chart: This is divided into Responded, Not Responded, and Partially Saved. Click a section to view a list of participants at the bottom of the page.


You can preview each participant response by clicking on the eye icon. 

2. Customer Response Trend: This line graph shows the number of responses received for the survey over time.

3. Export: Clicking this exports the data within the Response Statistics section and sends it as an email to the currently logged in user.

Internal Submissions

For surveys that have been configured for internal submission, you can manually submit responses under Response Statistics. For more information on this process, refer to Submit Surveys 2.0 Internally

Response Report

The Response Report displays graphical representations of response information for each specific survey question.



1. Question Name: This will be displayed at the top of each question.

2. View Details: Clicking this will display a table of participants who responded to the question. The table contains the company name, full name, role, and email of the participant.


3. Overall/Breakdown: The NPS question type can display the Overall responses with the percentage of Promoters, Passives, and Detractors, and a Breakdown of the responses with the percentage of responses for each specific numerical ranking.

4. Report Graphic: The graphical representation of the response data. Depending on the question type, the information will be represented differently. Each section can be clicked on for a drill-down view of participants. This drill-down is identical to the table displayed if you click View Details.

5. Display Method: Users can choose to display response information as a graphic (left icon) or as a table (right icon).

6. Filter Reports: Click this to add filter conditions to the participant response data being displayed. These conditions can be built off of the fields in the Survey Participant object. For more information on filter reports, refer to How to Build Basic Reports.

Custom Reports

The Survey Participant object captures response data for Surveys 2.0 (Beta). You can build custom Surveys 2.0 reports in report builder using this object. For more information on building reports, refer to How to Build Reports.




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