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Surveys 2.0 Overview

Surveys 2.0 gives admins the ability to design and distribute surveys in Gainsight without a dependency on SFDC sites or features. The functionality was built with Advanced Outreaches and email assist in mind and is designed to work with AO from the ground up. New features like Skip Logic and Display Logic enable Admins to control the flow of survey questions and the Question Library can store and import questions from survey to survey.

Surveys 2.0 is available as a Beta feature for all customers. The new module does not have feature parity with the 1.0 version yet, and a migration process is in development. Both features can be used in parallel with each other. We strongly recommend customers pilot this feature and spend time getting used to the differences, before relying on it as the primary method for creating and distributing surveys. For a quick overview of Surveys 2.0, watch this 5-minute video. To share your feedback on Surveys 2.0, visit the Community.

Surveys 2.0 does not currently have full feature parity with Surveys 1.0. The following table illustrates the features available for Surveys 1.0 and Surveys 2.0:



Surveys 1.0

Surveys 2.0



Text Analytics


Survey Flattening


Salesforce Email Service and Marketo for Survey Distribution


Vault Templates


Internal Submission

Survey Permissions (see notes)


Anonymous Survey Options

Standard Outreach Compatibility


Program Compatibility

Multiple Language Support

Email Assist Compatibility

Set CTAs (see notes)

Question Library


Anonymous Link


Skip Logic


Display Logic



  • Since Survey Permissions are not available at this time for Surveys 2.0, anyone with access to the Surveys 2.0 tab will have access to all surveys and results.
  • Set CTAs is available in Surveys 2.0 but it is handled through the Advanced Outreach rather than the survey. Refer to Configure Model and Emails for Advanced Outreach for more information on this process.
  • Features missing from Surveys 2.0 are planned for future releases. A future release will also include a migration process from Surveys 1.0 to Surveys 2.0. For more general information, refer to this FAQ.
  • The Surveys 2.0 tab is hidden in Gainsight by default. This is intentional as it is a beta feature. System Admins can manually add the tab to make it visible for users.

Enable the Surveys 2.0 (Beta) Tab

System Admins can make the tab visible for all users by taking the following steps:

1. Click Setup at the top-right of the Salesforce window.


2. Click the Apps option on the left-hand side of the Setup page.


3. Click the Edit action for the Gainsight App.


4. Select the Survey 2.0 (Beta) tab from the Available Tabs list and use the Add option to move it to the Selected Tabs list.


5. Click Save.

6. Adjust the tab settings of each user profile you would like to see the Surveys 2.0 (Beta) tab.

7. You may still need to customize your tabs to add Surveys 2.0 (Beta) to your default display. For more information on this process, refer to Customize your Tabs in Salesforce.

  • Enable OAUTH Permission.
  • Enable MDA services.
  • Enable GS User Sync.
  • The Company, Relationship and Company Person, and Relationship Person objects must be loaded to Gainsight.
  • Domain and Site must be created. The site must be configured to be linked to the survey response page. Only new Gainsight Sites and Domains can be used for Surveys 2.0. For information on this process, refer to Setup a Gainsight Domain.

Survey List View

On the Surveys 2.0 tab, a list of 2.0 surveys is displayed. Users can view basic details about each survey, filter the list for specific surveys, and create and delete surveys.

Each survey in the list view displays the following information:

  • Survey name
  • Created date
  • Status
  • Entity Type (Accounts or Relationships)
  • Number of responses
  • Number of questions


Users can use the search bar at the top to filter the survey list by survey name as well as the Entity and Status drop-down fields to filter for surveys of a specific entity type or status.

You can access additional options for each survey in the list view by clicking the three vertical dots icon to the right of each survey. Additional options include:

  • Analyze: view the survey analytics.
  • Clone: create a clone or copy of the survey.
  • Delete: delete the survey.
  • Close: close a currently published survey. This option will only be available for published surveys.

Create a new survey

To create a new survey:

1. Click the blue plus icon at the bottom-right of the screen. The plus icon will scroll with the survey list to always be visible in the same location. This plus icon also provides key options for adding and modifying the survey contents throughout the design process.


2. Select an Entity type, either Accounts or Relationships and the Relationship Type.

3. Type the Survey name.

4. Select the survey language or languages. For more information on adding new languages refer to Configure a New Language.

5. Click Save.


After saving your new survey, you will have options to configure the Survey Properties, Design, Distribute, and Analyze the survey results.

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