This article will walk you through how to view and report upon survey responses. From the Analyze menu in surveys you can run reports about the survey and see answers to specific questions.

Note: If Journey Orchestrator was used as the email service to send the survey, then the analytic information for the sent email will be visible under the Journey Orchestrator tab. There is no direct relationship between Journey Orchestrator and the Survey tab other than the Survey link. The only analytics that can be seen under the Survey tab for a survey sent through Journey Orchestrator is participants who have responded. To learn more about Journey Orchestrator Analytics, see the article Review Journey Orchestrator Analytics (Reports)



To access Analytics for a specific survey:

  • Navigate to the Survey tab > click the survey name on a survey card
  • Click Analyze

Within each report, the views available are:

  • Tabular
  • Graphical
  • Detail View

At the top right of the page, click the filter icon to filter the results on the whole page. You might use this to filter by a specific account, by industry, etc.

Survey Response Statistics

Thie Survey Response Statistics report displays all end user responses in a graphical format by default.


Click the Table icon to switch to a tabular format where you will see:

  • Participant
  • Account
  • Responded (Date and Time)
  • Question - Column for each question with answers


Click the export icon to initiate an export of the tabular view. The report will be emailed to the initiator once it has been processed.

Specific Question Reports

Under the Survey Response Statistics you will see an individual report for all questions on the survey. By default these reports will be shown in a graphical format.


Click the Table icon to see the results in a tabular format.

Detailed View

Click View Details and Follow Up to see a list of everybody who responded and the response.

From the detail view you can:

  • Filter by All, With Task, Without Task
  • Select Participants by checking the box next to their name
  • Add Task

Add Task

When adding a task you can choose who the task should be assigned to based on Account fields or by selecting a user.

Detailed survey response view

To view a Survey participantl's detailed survey response, you can access it from the Surveys tab, or from the Customer360.

  1. Navigate to the Survey tab and the Survey card.
  2. Click the number of responses on the card.

  1. Click View response next to the individual's name.

This brings up the survey form itself with the participant's responses.

If you have a Survey section enabled on your Customer360 page, you can also access the detailed responses on the Survey Responses tab.

  1. Navigate to the Customer360 and click the Surveys section.
  2. Click the Survey Responses tab.
  3. Click the View icon on the right to see the detailed response page.



Survey Reports via Survey Flattening

Survey response data can be “flattened” and stored as a new MDA object. Then the data can be reported on within report builder without the need for a data space. The newly created MDA table will have each survey question as a column header. See the article Survey Flattening Overview for more information.

NPS Analytics

If your survey included the NPS question, you can view NPS results in a variety of ways on the NPS tab. See the article NPS Analytics/Reports for more information. Additionally, the Gainsight survey module can analyze and display NPS text response data. For more information on this feature see the article How NPS Text Analytics Works.