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Catch-up on Cockpit Enhancements

July 2018: 5.16 Release 


June 2018: 5.15 Release

  1. Community icon for RN.pngSFDC.png Add up to 6 List View Fields: End users can add up to 6 list view columns in Custom Views in Cockpit, C360 and R360 pages, and Admins can now add up to 6 list view fields to the Cockpit List View from Administration > Calls to Action.

  • The number of columns you see in the Cockpit, C360 and R360 > Cockpit pages depends on your browser resolution. To learn how the view varies based on various browser resolutions, refer the Cockpit List View article..
  • You can only see all 6 list view fields if you set your browser resolution to 1920.

In Cockpit, C360 and R360 > Cockpit sections, end users can create custom list views, and select their own list view columns. The selected columns will replace the list view fields configured by the Admin in Administration > Calls to Action.

For more information on how to create Custom List Views in Cockpit, refer the Create Custom Views in Cockpit article.

42-Cockpit Custom List View.png

To configure the list view fields:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Calls to Action > List view field configuration.
  2. Click ‘X’, if you would like to remove a default list view field.
  3. Click +ADD.
  4. Select the required list view fields. (maximum 6 fields)

Note: The selected list view fields are also visible in C360 and R360 > Cockpit sections.

43-Admin_List VIew.png

May 2018: 5.14 Release


April 2018: 5.13 Release


March 2018: 5.12 Release


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