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Gainsight Inc.

Catch-up on Scorecards Enhancements

July 2018: 5.16 Release

  • When a record from the company or relationship object is deleted, the corresponding scorecard data (from the corresponding fact and history objects) is deleted. For more info, refer to the first enhancement under the Gainsight Data Management section. 

    Note: There is no way to recover the deleted data, so be sure before deleting Company and Relationship records.

June 2018: 5.15 Release


May 2018: 5.14 Release


April 2018: 5.13 Release


March 2018: 5.12 Release


February 2018: 5.11 Release

Automatic Updates

  1. Scorecard 2.0 support in Zendesk Widget: Now you can view health scores in the Zendesk widget directly. Previously, if Scorecards 2.0 was the primary scorecard, you could not view scorecard information in Zendesk.
  2. Gainsight User integration with Scorecard 2.0: Scorecard information (Created By, Modified By, and Score Modified By) is now linked to GS User standard object. Scorecard information in Scorecard Fact and Scorecard History objects will have the GS User information.
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