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Catch-up on Surveys Enhancements

July 2018: 5.16 Release

  • Custom pages for Surveys 2.0 Thank You messages: Admins can now select a custom page to display as the Thank You message in a Surveys 2.0 survey. Survey participants will navigate to this page automatically after completing the survey.

    To select this option, open your Surveys 2.0 survey and navigate to Properties > Additional Configuration > Visual Experience > Thank You message and select Custom Page. Once the Custom Page option is chosen, you can select a page using the field below. For more information on the options available on the Surveys 2.0 Properties tab, refer to Survey 2.0 Properties.

Custom pages for Surveys 2.0 Thank You messages.png

Only pages configured under Administration > Pages will be available to be selected as a Thank You message. To learn more about creating pages, refer to Setup a Gainsight Domain.

After a custom page is selected as the Thank You message for a survey, only the site associated with that page will be an option to select on the survey distribution tab. For more information on selecting sites for survey distribution, refer to Distribute Surveys 2.0.

  • Survey 1.0 issue (broken links) can be resolved with the latest Salesforce update: Enable the Allow topics in Salesforce Sites and Portals option from Salesforce Setup > Chatter > Chatter Settings for the guest and authenticated external users to have access to the topics in Salesforce Sites and Portals.


Note: If your org was upgraded to the SFDC Summer 18 release, you may face this issue (such as broken Survey Links, etc.). The Allow topics in Salesforce Sites and Portals option will be available for you to select on/after July 19th when Salesforce will implement the permission on the Topics object in their production org.

Impacted areas:

  • Survey 1.0 (Breaking in the area where response is captured.)
  • CoPilot > Outreaches > Survey

June 2018: 5.15 Release

  1. SFDC.png NPS Analytics Summary View for Surveys 2.0: Admins can add the NPS 2.0 (Beta) tab to their available tabs. The NPS 2.0 tab contains cross survey reports on the NPS question for surveys distributed through Surveys 2.0. For more information on the NPS 2.0 (Beta) tab, refer NPS 2.0 Overview.

7-NPS Analytics Summary View.png

  1. SFDC.png Internal Submissions for Surveys 2.0: The Internal Submissions feature is now enabled for Surveys 2.0. This option is available under the Properties tab > Additional Configuration section. For more information on enabling Internal Submission, refer to Submit Surveys 2.0 Internally.

17-Internal Submissions for Surveys 2.0.png

Note: Internal Submission is only available for surveys with the Non-Anonymous category.

To submit an internal response in Surveys 2.0:

  1. On the Surveys 2.0 (Beta) tab, open the survey for which you want to submit a response.
  2. Navigate to the Analyze tab. (For more information on this tab, refer Surveys 2.0 Analytics.)
  3. Click the Not Responded section of the participant chart in Response Statistics.
    18-Response Statistics.png
  4. This will open a table view for every participant that has not responded to the survey at the bottom of the page. Click the submission icon next to the participant’s name.
    19-submission icon.png

  5. This will open the survey in a new tab where you can submit responses on behalf of the participant. Enter the response and click SUBMIT.

May 2018: 5.14 Release

Surveys 2.0 gives admins the ability to design and distribute surveys in Gainsight without a dependency on SFDC sites or features. The functionality was built with Advanced Outreaches (AO) and Email Assist  in mind and is designed to work with both features from the ground up. New features like Skip Logic and Display Logic enable Admins to control the flow of survey questions and the Question Library can store and import questions from survey to survey. Anonymous surveys now have an Anonymous Link that can be pasted into emails or displayed on a website. It does not track identifying information of respondents.

Surveys 2.0 is available as a Beta feature for all customers. The new module does not have feature parity with the 1.0 version yet, and a migration process is in development. Both features can be used in parallel with each other. We strongly recommend customers pilot this feature and spend time getting used to the differences, before relying on it as the primary method for creating and distributing surveys. For more information on this feature, refer to Survey 2.0 and check out this 5-minute video.

April 2018: 5.13 Release


March 2018: 5.12 Release



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