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Gainsight Inc.

Admin 100 Series

Training Courses

Admin 101 Training

If you're a new Gainsight Admin or if you're interested in learning more about a particular feature (eg. Surveys, Journey Orchestrator, Rules), then we recommend you start with our self-paced Admin 100 Series online training. The series is comprised of five parts from 101 to 105. Each section provides you with information about a different feature and will also provide you with a video, workbook and short quiz. Below you will find more information about each course, as well as a direct link to each part individually.

Admin 101: Introduces you to Gainsight, provide a high-level understanding into Gainsight Architecture and Gainsight Vault. This course introduces you to Gainsight from the admin perspective and learn more about how Gainsight can help you achieve your goals. You will also learn how to access the sources of help within Gainsight.

Admin 102: Introduces you to the MDA (Matrix Data Archetecture), Data Spaces, and Usage Data within Gainsight.

Admin 103: Introduces you to the Rules Engine. It will cover creating a rule, troubleshooting a rule, and working with best practices.

Admin 104: Introduces you to Cockpit, the C360 (Customer 360), G360 (Gainsight 360), Reports and Dashboards.

Admin 105: Introduces you to Journey Orchestrator, Scorecards and Surveys.

Please note, we do not currently offer certification.